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Supporting TDoA/ToF modes, it assists clients in establishing a smart positioning infrastructure, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


The GT-130, introduced by GIPS Technology, is a UWB positioning tag supporting TDoA/ToF modes, suitable for personnel and equipment tracking. Ideal for applications in commercial offices, industrial settings, healthcare, logistics, and more.


  • Low Band:3.5GHz-6.5GHz (UWB CH2/CH3)
  • High Band:6.5GHz-8GHz (UWB CH5/CH9)

88 mm x 56 mm x 9.1 mm

45 g

-20°C ~ 60°C

40°C @ 95% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing

5V DC-in w/ Magnetic Charging cable

1 x Function Button

1 x System Status (Charging/Location/Flash Alert)

  • ToF:>2 month@1Hz w/ smart sleep
  • TDoA:>3 month@1Hz w/ smart sleep

  • SOS Call
  • Smart Sleep
  • Motionless Detection
  • Vibration Issuance
  • Flash Issuance
  • Buzzer Issuance
  • RFID

IP 66


  • FCC: 2A6S5-GA210
  • NCC: CCAN22LP0590T0
  • Telec (Japan): 201-220408

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