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GIPS Technology specializes in spatial information management solutions, with three main product pillars: "UWB RTLS Solutions," "Network Design and Management Solution," and "Spatial Asset Management System." We provide customers with the foundational infrastructure and software services needed for digital transformation.
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RTLS Solutions

GIPSense is an in-house developed UWB indoor positioning solution by GIPS Technology. It offers a rapid, flexible, and highly reliable hardware and software integration design to meet various scenarios for your positioning application needs. It is the best choice for your digital transformation and security management.

Key Features

  • High Precision and Stability
  • Independent technology with high scalability
  • Highly flexible and easy to integrate
  • Demonstrated expertise with diverse application cases

Network Design and Management Solution

GIPSnet is a network design and operation platform developed by GIPS through years of deep cultivation. It is suitable for entities operating physical fiber/coaxial networks, telecommunications, and pipeline units. It deeply integrates fiber optic network engineering and GIS map platform technologies, providing a 360-degree comprehensive coverage of service operators' network design and mapping needs.

Key Features

  • In-Depth Fiber Optics Industry Application
  • Open Source Software Framework with High Scalability
  • Successful Implementation Cases with Benchmark Customers
  • Suitable for All Types of Pipeline Operators

Spatial Asset Management Platform

GIPSpatial is an integrated map application platform developed by GIPS. It utilizes spatial mapping and web GIS technology to fulfill users' cartographic needs in areas such as building management, space allocation management, public pipelines, indoor facilities, and other business operations. It is suitable for institutions like schools, medical campuses, large-scale factories, and other business entities.

Key Features

  • Indoor and Outdoor Map Compatibility
  • Diverse Module Expansion Capabilities
  • Flexible Map Publishing Engine
  • Diverse Spatial Data Support


Ignite Your Digital Transformation Journey

GIPS specializes in professional spatial information consulting services, delivering the foundational framework essential for your digital transformation and seamless evolution. Let's embark on this journey together!

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